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Hi I'm Matthew E Wolhowe, This site is about me and what I do in the Entertainment Industry. Right now this is about my hobby's and Projects. I'm the best at pro stage Lighting. I can do a lot of other things too all the way from taking a photo to setting up lighting and sound for a band plus filming and editing the show or Performance. My latest film is called Tour De Peeps and is currently on You Tube you can look on the Tour De Peeps Page for more Information.

I am constantly updating and changing things. I just recently switched My main computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 a change that allowed me to edit and work faster and more efficiently with quad monitors and over 50 programs. I also Have 2 Laptops

mlrlv, Photo of me, Matthew E Wolhowe
Below are Photos of my new lighting accessories Color Scrollers. My Color Scrollers can fit onto any stage light that has a 7.5" or 10"gel holder to give up to 16 colors per fixture with a fan to expand the life of gels. I have Fourteen 7.5" model Wybron Fourrunner's that work on Ellipsoidals with 7.5" gel holders and 6" Fresnel's. With another six 10" model Spectra Q3's that I use for Par 64's and 8" Fresnel's. The Photos and specs are below.
MLRLV Color ScrolLers Wybron Forerunner Spectra Q3
MLRLV Color Scrollers Spectra Q3
MLRLV Color Scrollers Spectra Q3
MLRLV Color Scrollers Spectrom Q3 Wybron Forerunner
MLRLV Color Scrollers Wybron Forerunner Spectra Q3
                          Wybron Custom Gel String
 I am currently using these on 8 Ellipsoidals and 6 par 64's
mlrlv, Wybron forerunner
                          Wybron Theater Gel String
                         I use these on 6 Ellipsoidals

mlrlv,Wybron forerunner

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